Wednesday, March 22, 2017

ARBOR Introduces the EmETX-a58M1 ETX3.02 CPU Module with 2nd Generation AMD G-series SoC

ARBOR Technology, a leading provider of embedded computing solutions, announces the release of the ARBOR EmETX-a58M1 ETX 3.02 CPU module. This module is based on 2nd generation AMD Embedded G-Series SOC (System-on-Chip) processors. Compared to the current AMD Embedded G-Series SOC platform, they provide higher performance and a lower power draw, thanks to an improved Jaguar+ CPU architecture and AMD Radeon™ 8000 graphics core. Graphics engine speed has been increased to 800 MHz and the DDR3 interface to 1866 MT/s. A new function of the G-Series includes Core Boost Frequency to ensure appropriate processor overclocking.

The 2nd generation AMD G-Series SOC on COM Express Compact modules is designed for low-power embedded applications. Compared to the previous AMD Embedded G-Series SOC, it provides higher performance per watt and lower TDP. This fanless module design is therefore ideal for cost-sensitive applications in the control and automation industry, digital gaming, communication infrastructure and graphics-intensive devices such as thin clients, digital displays or medical-imaging equipment.

The integrated AMD Radeon™ graphics supports DirectX® 11.1 and OpenGL 4.2 for fast 2D and 3D image display. OpenCL 1.2 is also supported, enabling the execution of program code by the GPUs. The range of available graphics interfaces includes VGA and dual channels 24-bit LVDS, DisplayPort 1.2 is on the module as well as DVI/HDMI 1.4a for the direct control of two independent displays.

Legacy support with four PCI masters and ISA Bus. Two SATA interfaces with up to 6 Gb/s and two PATA channels enable fast and flexible system extensions. Four USB 2.0 ports are provided. The Realtek Ethernet Controller RTL8105E helps with software compatibility. ACPI 5.0, LPC bus for easy integration of legacy I/O interfaces and High Definition Audio complete the feature set.

The EmETX-a58M1 will be officially launched in April; please contact local sales support or visit us online at

Sunday, March 19, 2017

ARBOR Wide-screen Panel PC Optimizes Production Efficiency for the Garment Industry

ARBOR Wide-screen Panel PC Optimizes Production Efficiency for the Garment Industry
ARBOR Technology, a leading provider of embedded computing solutions, is pleased to announce that its 11.6” ASLAN-W812C has been selected to be installed on an automatic sewing unit as a control monitor, responsible for the optimization of production operations and manufacturing processes. The ASLAN-W81XC series, launched in Q4 2016, is an addition to ARBOR’s acclaimed widescreen industrial Panel PCs. There are two models (ASLAN-W810C and ASLAN-W812C) available with 10.1” and 11.6” displays respectively.
One of the prominent automation system manufacturers in Turkey, which is mainly manufacturing and distributing advanced automatic sewing units for the garment industry worldwide, has chosen the ASLAN-W812C as their preferred computer. They required a functional, reliable and scalable device to enhance their units and give them a more competitive advantage. With the ASLAN-W812C installed on its automatic sewing units, operators can easily control automatic manufacturing processes such as sewing, welting, attaching and stacking, as well as create and alter seam programs at the touch of a button. Its fanless design also makes it ideal for the garment industry where clothing fibers can be sucked into fan based systems.
The ASLAN-W81XC series features a slim, compact, cableless form factor which enhances reliability and ruggedness. With an aluminum front bezel and SECC steel chassis, the ASLAN-W81XC series offers superior heat dissipation, making the systems ideal for industrial deployments in factory and building automation, digital signage, kiosks, and custom HMI applications.
Based on the popular Intel® Bay Trail SoC processor platform, the ASLAN-W81XC series comes with TFT-LCD flat panel projected capacitive touch displays, with the 11.6” ASLAN-W812C model supporting full HD 1080p resolution for a superior visual experience. The IP65 certified front panel and 7H hardness anti-scratch panel surface protects the units from damage by dust, liquids, and shocks. The fanless cooling system design makes for easy maintenance and cleaning.
For maximum configuration flexibility, the ASLAN-W81XC Panel PC supports customizable, stackable I/O expansion boards to minimize development and reduce the time and cost of upgrades.
Key Features:
  • High resolution LCD Display w/ LED backlight 
  • Flat panel with projected capacitive touchscreen 
  • Front panel IP65 compliant ; 7H hardness anti-scratch surface 
  • Slim and compact design 
  • Mini PCIe expansion slot
  • Fanless cooling system ; Cable-less design 
  • DC-12V Power Input
Please contact your local sales representative for more information, or email ARBOR at 

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

ARBOR Wins Taiwan Excellence Award 2017 for the Consecutive Year

ARBOR Technology, a leading provider of embedded computing solutions, is proud to announce that four of its state-of-the-art products that were honored with “Taiwan Excellence Award 2017” for the consecutive year. The award-winning products include 8” Mobile & Desktop POS, High Flexibility Modularized Rugged Box PC, 2K/4K Six-Display Digital Signage Player and Ultra-Compact Digital Signage Player. ARBOR was awarded for its innovation and market orientation capability.
The Taiwan Excellence Award has been the most prestigious award in Taiwan for 25 years. According to the organization, among 518 participating companies and 1,188 competing products, there were 528 products from 230 companies selected for the accolade this year. ARBOR’s winning products were recognized for superior innovation value based on five key indicators: R&D, design, quality, marketing, and Made in Taiwan. The award is a proof to ARBOR’s focus on the user experience and market demand, as well as competence in technology, design and marketing.
8” Mobile & Desktop POS
The Gladius G0830 is a compact yet versatile point-of-sales system solution combining the advantage of both mobile and fixed POS. Featuring the design of a detachable tablet, the G0830 greatly reduces installation costs and the space required, and thus greatly enhancing mobility and flexibility. The product has a sophisticated dual-OS platform to support both Windows-dominated markets and emerging Android markets. The G0830 tablet POS is a perfect fit for retail, warehousing and hospitality, managing several key tasks such as inventory management, payment processing, customer data gathering and staff tracking.
High Flexibility Modularized Rugged Box PC
The ARES-1970-E is a full featured industrial PC features high performance, ruggedness, high expansion capability. Thanks to its modularity and ruggedness, the ARES-1970-E can be used in various tasks in harsh environments such as security, ground defense and water resource surveillance. The industrial-grade Box PC comes with a wide variety of I/O interfaces, and four GbE PoE ports for industrial vision applications. ARES-1970-E adopts modular design to provide customers with the maximum expansion capability.
2K/4K Six-Display Digital Signage Player
The ELIT-1900 is an ultra-slim digital signage player with Intel 6th-gen Skylake CPU, and supports 4K display for commercial environments. Based on 6th Gen. Intel® Core™ i-series processors, and coming with an AMD E8860 GPU, the unit delivers outstanding processing performance and immersive graphics. The ELIT-1900 supports six independent display outputs simultaneously via HDMI or DisplayPort to enable a vibrant visual experience with 4K graphics and multimedia features, making it ideal for commercial environments including retail, hospitality and public services.
Ultra-Compact Digital Signage Player
The ELIT-300 is an Android-base Digital Signage Player with ARM® Cortex™ Architecture. Measuring only 115 X 120 mm and weighing less than 400g, the very compact ELIT- 300 fit virtually anywhere. The 4K/2K digital signage player comes with free bundled EZpost editor, enabling users to conduct content editing, scheduling and content publishing easily. In addition, the ELIT-300 can be managed locally via a local area network or remotely via cloud-based digital signage content management server from ARBOR’s CMS product line.
For more information, please visit:, or email us at
 Taiwan Excellence Award 2017

ARBOR Launches an 8-inch Tablet POS with Dual-OS Platform

ARBOR Technology, a leading provider of embedded computing solutions, is pleased to announce the availability of the ARBOR Gladius G0830, a versatile point-of-sales system solution combining the advantage of both mobile and fixed POS. Thanks to its ergonomic design, market-driven configuration and extensive connectivity for communication and peripheral devices, the ARBOR G0830 tablet POS is a perfect fit for retail, warehousing and hospitality, managing several key tasks such as inventory management, payment processing, customer data gathering and staff tracking.

The G0830 is multifunctional and easy to use, enabling quick deployment into applications. The Gladius G0830 is powered by the Intel® Atom™ x5-Z8350 processor which is a power efficient, quad-core SoC for Windows and Android devices. Thus, the G0830 is a sophisticated dual-OS platform to support both Windows-dominated markets and emerging Android markets.
The G0830 tablet has an 8 inch 10 point multi touch screen, weighs less than 600g and has a hand strap attached at the back, making it easily carried by one hand. Designed as a mobile POS solution, the tablet comes with all the necessary features and connectivity including WLAN, Bluetooth, NFC and 1D/2D barcode scanner. LTE WWAN and GPS can be added as options. In addition, the tablet has a 64GB of eMMC flash storage and is extendable via Micro SD Card.
The tablet POS couples with a desktop cradle which provides rich I/O ports for expansions: three USB 2.0 ports (OTG support), one HDMI and RJ-45 LAN port. NFC, MSR and Smart Card Reader support payment processing, and to restrict access to sensitive financial backend data. Together with the cradle, the G0830 works as a comprehensive desktop POS but only required a small space without extra setup. The cradle dock can tilt from 15 to 45 degrees for better viewing angle depending on the users.
Part of the POS solution is a piston grip. It has a built-in 8000mAh power bank for longer operation, and a power status LED visual reference. There is a physical barcode trigger on top side. This piston grip can double as a convenient handheld barcode scanner when putting it on the tablet.
The G0830 has been selected for the Taiwan Excellence Award 2017Computex Best Choice Award 2016 in smart retail category in Taipei, and also wins the Mobility for Business Award 2016 for the best terminal innovation in Paris.
To find out more about the G0830, contact your local sales representative or email us at 

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Efficient and durable flight information display solution for international airport

Efficient and durable flight information display solution for international airport
Incheon Airport, Korea
Incheon International Airport is one of the largest and busiest airports in the world. Since 2005, it has been rated the best airport worldwide by Airports Council International every year. The airport holds an unbreakable record of being ranked the Best Airport Worldwide for 7 years by the Airports Council International (ACI)'s Airport Service Quality award. For a busy International Airport with an average of 1,600 daily flights like Incheon International Airport, the simplicity and durability of flight information systems and baggage control systems is the most important thing. The ARBOR ELIT-1650 not only fulfills these requirements but also fully complies with airport construction specifications. Now, 800 units of ELIT-1650 are installed as the flight Information and baggage control systems in Incheon International Airport providing efficient and durable service for hundreds of thousands of passengers passing through this airport.


On average, there are 1,600 daily flights that are displayed in the information express terminal in Incheon International Airport. The core requirement of industrial computers for the flight information system is high-performance, stability, quality and business continuity for quick and accurate flight information services provided to travelers.

ARBOR knew the requirements of an extremely busy information broadcasting systems. When cooperating with system integrator for Incheon Airport project, both sides showed the best expertise and solution to help our client enhancing competitiveness and achieve their business objectives.

To build and sustain such an enormous computing system, the simplicity and durability of the IPC is the first priority.
Comparing with previous solutions of other industrial computer suppliers, ARBOR ELIT-1650 is a more compact and reliable solution because of fan less system, low power consumption, and a detailed specification which is airport construction compliant.

By using the ELIT-1650, the flight information system is able to provide more diverse content and interactive information services but the operation is more stable than the existing system.

he ELIT-1650 is a one-to-one connection with industrial computers and monitors for airline company names, flight schedules, and boarding gate information. In order to support these requirements mentioned above, the ELIT-1650 industrial computer provides Full-HD video output and multi-display support. Moreover, ELIT-1650 flexible system structure provides multiple specifications for hardware such as CPU module and other expansions. By installing different CPU modules, ELIT-1650 is able to fulfill different application with minimal modifications.

The overview of application scenario is as follows: 
Flight information terminals consist of a large screen display, an industrial computer, a power supply, and the housing. Incheon International Airport flight information data is transferred from the server via a dedicated network to the display.
The reliability of industrial computers is the most important factor for the current ICT trends. Specs and features have been developed in a variety of industrial computers to support these trends. The ARBOR ELIT-1650 provides dual application with one model for flight information signage and one for baggage control systems which provides better flexibility. The durability and stability of the system provides continuity for quick and accurate flight information services for airport users. All in all, the ELIT-1650 not only fulfills the needs of high specification but also the needs of stable and trustworthy systems with flexible structure and customization. 

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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

ARBOR Automated Conformal Coating Service

ARBOR provides the automated conformal coating service, an acrylic coating can be applied to the whole surface of the board except contact pins, to get the components & circuitry against dust, fungus, moisture and salt spray to prevent short circuits and corrosion of metal between conductors. ARBOR offers a complete conformal coating service using HumiSeal® coating materials for a stable quality and long pot life, as well as the X, Y, Z-axis spray coating equipment which features cost-effective, flexibility and versatility. ARBOR’s automated conformal coating is compliant with IPC-CC-830 Rev. B standard.
 Coating Materials
 Coating Equipment
 Machine picture
• HumiSeal® 1B31
• HumiSeal® Thinner 521 EU
• X*Y-axis Operation distance: 400 x 400 mm
• Z-axis Operation distance: 100mm
• Accuracy of repeat positioning: ±0. 025 mm
• Driver system: X Y Z axis / servo motor + Screw ball
• Displacement speed: 10 ~ 500 mm/s (programmable)
Coating Flow Chat
Coating Flow Chat
Coating Capability
CPU On Module
Capacity: 80/Day
Coating CapabilitySingle Board Computer
Capacity: 45/Day
 Coating Product
EmQ-i2200 EmQ-i2301 EmETXe-i2309 EmETXe-i88U0 EmETXe-i89M0
EmQ-i2200 EmQ-i2301 EmETXe-i2309 EmETXe-i88U0 EmETXe-i89M0

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

ARBOR Introduces BIOS Anti-Crash Technology

ARBOR Technology, a leading provider of embedded computing solutions, announces the availability of the ARBOR BIOS Anti-Crash Technology (BIOS ACT). 
When the BIOS is crashed or updated failure, the computer unable to boot or start again, this is due to the bios parameters and settings have lost. ARBOR understands that it is necessary to find a solution to make BIOS stable and reliable. BIOS ACT is a good selection to solve the problem.
As there are two BIOS Flashes on the SBC, one is the System BIOS Flash from CPU platform; the other one is controlled by Micro Controller Unit (MCU). When the System BIOS Flash is damaged, the MCU External Flash will be recovered to the System BIOS Flash automatically. Thus, it recovers the System BIOS to the normal status. This Design Technology will be applied to ARBOR off-the-shelf board products.
Function Diagram:

BIOS ACT Features: 
  • BIOS Real-time monitoring
  • BIOS Recover automatically
  • BIOS & MCU Flash Synchronous Upgrade
For more information about BIOS ACT please contact us, or email ARBOR at